New Year 2022!

It’s a bit late into the new year, but I finally have time to update and I wanted to highlight some cool things I did at the end of 2021. I’m looking forward to more cool things in the new year!

Parenthood Pals: The hosts of Parenthood Pals, which covers each episode of the TV show Parenthood, had me on to talk about my experience growing up with an autistic brother (we talk about an episode featuring the autistic character Max). I talk throughout, but I talk the most about it at about a half hour in. Listen to the episode.

Riffs and Scripts: Check out this interview with me on the podcast Riffs and Scripts. The host Amber was a guest on my podcast Scene to Song for the Rock Musicals episode, and she interviewed me about being a writer.

Disney Inside Out: I was a guest on my friend Ryan Wright’s podcast Disney Inside Out to talk about one of my favorite films, the original The Parent Trap from 1961. Check out the episode and also the whole podcast if you are a Disney fan.

I performed one of my songs at the 7th Annual McGuire & Simon Holiday Salon!

I performed one of my songs, “New Year’s” (music by Tina Lear) on Thursday, December 16th at the 7th Annual McGuire & Simon Holiday Salon. Watch it here:

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