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Shoshana Interviewed!

I was interviewed for both a podcast and a blog this summer! In June, I was a guest on Julia Meinwald and Sam Heldt’s podcast, The 29-Hour Podcast: Conversations with theater actors, writers, and directors. I talk to Julia and Sam … Continue reading

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Blog Post: Why We Need This Ghostbusters Reboot

Last night I watched the original Ghostbusters in anticipation of the reboot that opens this weekend. I have a discordant reaction to this film in that I always laugh through it but I also get so angry that one of the few female characters, Dana Barrett, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Concert: An Evening Celebrating Emerging Female Composers

I am SUPER excited to be one of the featured writers in Sparkification Productions’ upcoming concert, An Evening Celebrating Emerging Female Composers: A Concert to Promote Gender Parity in Musical Theatre. It will be held Monday, July 15, at The … Continue reading

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“There is simply no comparison between how women’s looks and men’s looks count toward how society values them as humans.” -Irin Carmon How people talk about women’s looks in our culture is an important conversation to have, and I enjoyed … Continue reading

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