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Countdown to 2017: 2016 Movies

I saw 8 movies this year. This is a major drop from last year’s 18, which had already been a major drop from the previous year’s 25. Last year I said that I kind of gave up on movies, and … Continue reading

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Countdown to 2017: 2016 Books

Last year, I read 12 books! This year I read 11, but the drop is due to only reading 1 A Series of Unfortunate Events book with my babysitting charge this year instead of 2. I’ve still read 10 books … Continue reading

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Countdown to 2017: 2016 Theater

Last year I saw 89 productions, which was a significant jump from the previous year’s 73. This year I saw… 69, the lowest it has ever been (yes, I’m aware I still see way more than the average person). I … Continue reading

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