What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Hello, and welcome back to the blog section of my website. Here is an update on what I was up to this summer. I did a lot of work, and none of it was seen! That’s because I was mainly working on my musical with composer and co-bookwriter Hyeyoung Kim, Days of Rage, and putting together the demo for that show.

Some people did see the work we did–the awesome folks who helped us out with our table read. In order to hear our show (and work toward a deadline), we invited 11 awesome actors to read through our script in early August. Not only did we get to hear the show out loud but we received TONS of valuable feedback from those actors.

New musicals need Demo 1demo recordings, and we put ours together in this August as well. We recorded nine songs–three of which are brand new, never before heard even by us until this recording. The demo is a lot of work, and I’m lucky to have a collaborator who rocks in the studio and at organizing everything leading up to the studio, as well as an amazing engineer. The tracks are still being finalized, but soon we will have a polished demo to share and submit.

New York Times
Don’t worry, my summer wasn’t ALL work. I spent a few days down the shore, went to a friend’s wedding, and, oh yeah, was mentioned in The New York Times.

Now that this busy summer is coming to a close, I am looking forward to fall, which will also be busy, just with a different combination of projects. Check back here for updates on my fall writing activities, and I promise to post more (said every blogger ever).

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