Days of Rage Industry Reading

Screenshot of Playbill article: Cast Set for Industry Reading of Days of Rage Musical.

Days of Rage, the musical I’ve written lyrics for, with book and music by Hyeyoung Kim, had an industry presentation on December 4th.

We had a fantastic cast and team, and I’m so proud of everyone involved. Days of Rage has been developed for the last decade and we strongly believe that this show has a bright future. This reading was a major step forward.

Days of Rage explores the experiences of various activist groups during the late 1960s and early 1970s, delving into their struggles, triumphs, and the lasting impact they had on society. How can we stop the cycle of violence? Days of Rage explores this ever-present question. Jean Avery leads a militant protest group that tries to stop the war and bring troops back home, and David Hayward, the leader of the Black Angels, tries to build a community and protect their homes from Urban Renewal. As David and Jean’s paths intertwine, they grow closer and apart in a turbulent time of war, civil rights, and rage.

Shoshana, a white woman with shoulder length brown hair in a black shirt and green skirt. Hyeyoung, an Asian woman in a black shirt, black jacket and red patterned pants. Trey, a white man in jeans, a green collared shirt and a tan cordory jacket.
Lyricist Shoshana Greenberg, Bookwriter and Composer Hyeyoung Kim, Producer Trey Tetreault

It’s about a fever, a passion and conviction to stand up for what is right at home and abroad. And it’s about caring for our community, coming together to collectively nurture what is needed now, for us all.

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Six cast members rehearsal seated at musical stands. Pictured from the back.
The cast in rehearsal

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