NOT COMING BACK, Well, Came Back!

My one-woman show, NOT COMING BACK, well, came back on September 16th at the Duplex Cabaret Theater. I perform the entire 60-minute show, which includes both original songs and a few songs from musicals and popular songs. I love working on and performing this show, which has music by seven composers that I’ve worked with: Gaby Alter, Eric Day, Rob Hartmann, Gregory Jacobs-Roseman, Hyeyoung Kim, Julia Meinwald, and Russell Stern. Each song has a different feel and yet is totally of the piece. I was also lucky to work again with my director Lori Steinberg and my music director Christopher D. Littlefield and an awesome band, 2/3 of which were able to return for this showing. Video clips are coming soon!

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