Countdown to 2016: 2015 Movies

I saw 18 movies this year. This is a major drop from last year’s 25, but I knew it would be low, and frankly I’m surprised it’s as high as it is. I kind of gave up on movies this year, and without the movie series we do at my company (Movies for the Mind) and a few scattered films at MoMA, the count would be abysmal. I was only in a movie theater other than MoMA 3 times this year. With everything I do, something had to go.

The Associate

The Associate

I saw 4 NEW movies this year. Last year it was 12. Of these 4, 1 was in a regular movie theater, 2 were at MoMA, and 1 was at Barnard’s Athena Film Festival. In total, I saw 6 films (both old and new) at MoMA (6 less than last year), none at The Paley Center (1 less than last year), and 8 at my company’s Movies for the Mind series (1 more than last year). Of the 18 movies I saw this year, I saw 12 for the first time.

My rating system uses stars and equates as follows: 1=bad, 2=ok 3=really good 4=great.

My favorite new movies (4 stars) this year were:

Runners up (3.5 stars):

My favorite old movie I saw for the first time:
The Associate

My favorite old movies I loved seeing again:
The Trouble with Angels
Romancing the Stone

Some Extra Fun Favorites:
Barnard’s Athena Film Festival

Worst new movie:

Worst old movie:
Star Wars episode IV (BORING!)

The (Not-So) Big List:
Groundhog Day (Movies for the Mind)***1/2
The Trouble with Angels (MoMA)****
Rosie O’Donnell: A Heartfelt Standup (Athena Film Festival)***
The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (MoMA)***
Pina in 3D (MoMA)***
The Tales of Hoffman (Film Forum)***
Mount St. Elias (Movies for the Mind)**1/2
Star Wars episode IV (Movies for the Mind)**1/2
Jaws (40th Anniversary Screening)****
Particle Fever (Movies for the Mind)***
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (MoMA)***1/2
Trading Places (Movies for the Mind)***
Romancing the Stone (MoMA)***1/2
Most Likely to Succeed (Movies for the Mind)**1/2
Design & Thinking (Movies for the Mind)**1/2
The Associate (Movies for the Mind)***1/2
Meadowland (MoMA)***

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