Countdown to 2014: 2013 Movies

I saw 21 movies this year. This is sad, as my count last year was 34, and the year before that it was 29, so this is a plummet from previous years. Granted, I was busy at work and with my activities and did not attend as many film programs at museums such as MoMA and The Paley Center, as I have in years past. It’s just as shame, though, because I love movies and want to see more of them.

I am again counting the movies I saw at MoMA (both old and new), as well as the operas in HD, the film programs a the Paley Center, and other museum programs and events.

I only saw 11 NEW movies this year. This is only 3 less than last year, so it’s really the older films that brought my number down. Of these 11, 9 were in regular movie theaters (2 more than last year!) and 2 at the Paley Center (2 less than last year). I didn’t see any new movies at MoMA or the New York Film Festival this year (last year I saw one new movie at each). Of the 9 I saw in a regular movie theater, I paid full price for 2 of them and used passes or got discounts for 7 of them. In total, I saw 4 films a MoMA (10 less than last year–that is the true culprit of the low number), 2 at The Paley Center (5 less than last year, another culprit), 1 filmed musical in the movie theater, and 1 opera in HD. Of the 21 movies I saw this year, I saw 18 for the first time.

My rating system uses stars and equates as follows: 1=bad, 2=ok 3=really good 4=great.

My favorite new movies (4 stars) this year were:

Runners up (3.5 stars):
Enough Said

My favorite old movies I saw for the first time:
The Sugarland Express

My favorite old movies I loved seeing again in the theater/outside:
Jurassic Park (3D IMAX)
Suddenly, Last Summer

Some Extra Fun Favorites:
The Merrily We Roll Along theater screenings

Worst new movie:

Worst old movie:
Jezebel (not bad, just not particularly memorable)

The Big List:

The Invisible War***  (Paley Center)
How to Survive a Plague*** (Paley Center)
Bananas***1/2 (IFC)
Jurassic Park**** (IMAX 3D)
King Kong*** (MoMA)
Jezebel**1/2 (MoMA)
Before Midnight***
Much Ado About Nothing***
Fearless***1/2 (MoMA)
The Sugarland Express***1/2 (IFC)
The Act of Killing***
The Damnation of Faust*** (Met HD Festival)
Suddenly, Last Summer***1/2 (MoMA)
Enough Said***1/2
Merrily We Roll Along***
Primer*** (Company movie club)
Catching Fire***

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