Countdown to 2018: 2017 Movies

I saw 7 movies this year. This is one fewer than last year, which had been a major drop from the previous year’s 18, which had already been a major drop from the previous year’s 25. What more could I expect, though, since I basically stopped going to the movies. I did make a bit of an effort this year, but that didn’t result in much.

This year, the majority of films I saw were new films (6 out of 7). 1 was part of a film festival, and 2 were at Film Forum. Last year I only saw 3 new movies. The older movie I saw this year was part of my company’s Movies for the Mind series. Of the 7 I saw this year, I saw all of them for the first time. Last year, that count was 7/8.

My rating system uses stars and equates as follows: 1=bad, 2=ok 3=really good 4=great.

My favorite new movies (4 stars) this year were:
Lady Bird

Runners up (3.5 stars):
I am Not Your Negro
Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan

My favorite old movie I saw for the first time:

My favorite old movies I loved seeing again:

Worst new movie:

Worst old movie:

The (Not-So) Big List:
Stefan Zweig, Farewell to Europe (Film Society of Lincoln Center)**1/2
Print the Legend (Movies for the Mind)**1/2
I Am Not Your Negro (Film Forum)***1/2
Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan (Film Forum)***1/2
Wonder Woman***
The Big Sick***
Lady Bird****

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